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Eren Construction has over 25 years of experience in the construction industry. From the very

beginning, our principles have been focused on delivering the highest quality products and services

for our clients. Based on these principles, our company has efficiently and effectively constructed

numerous hydroelectric plants, various irrigation canals, along with several facilities for drainage,

water supply and sewerage. Our company strives to continue to be competitive in domestic and

international markets by sustaining our quality of work, by consistently keeping up to date with the

technological developments and new production standards. We give great importance to creating

a safe working environment for all our employees, by taking every necessary safety precautions to

keep the occupational incidents at a minimum. Also, we try to lessen our impact on the environment

by preventing excess use of material sources and energy, and by recycling our waste at our sites.

Eren Construction has successfully fulfilled the statutory and regulatory requirements of the

International Organization for Standardization for the following certificates: ISO9001, ISO14001

and OHSAS 18001.


Our biggest asset for future growth is our employees. With their knowledge, experience and

proficiency – especially in project management – they are the key to our success. In addition to

our employees, our advanced machinery and heavy equipment, allows us to keep producing high

quality products for our clients. With the strength of our employees and machinery, we have

expanded our scope by constructing public housing projects and port facilities abroad. We have

a strong determination to expand Eren Construction into new projects both domestically and



Thus far in the company’s history, the projects which we have completed have contributed to

the development of the country’s economy. While at the same time, it has aided people in the

agriculture sector by increasing their personal incomes, which has resulted in an improved social

prosperity. This is something that we hope we will be able to continue to do in the future.

For all the efforts each of our staff members have contributed throughout the history of Eren

Construction, thank you and best wishes to all.


Yaşar Eren


General Manager